Our Story

With Africa and the Middle East deeply embedded in our roots, the ABiQ team is made up of highly experienced individuals who are committed to supporting the growth of the regional economy.

Our Story

With Africa deeply embedded in our roots, the ABiQ team is made up of highly experienced individuals who are committed to supporting the growth of the African economy.

What we do

At ABiQ, we identify, profile, and track large projects in the “built environment” across Africa and the Middle East. Whether it is a hospital under construction in Kenya, a new mine being planned in Ivory Coast, a new oil platform in Nigeria, or a new rail line in Egypt: we have it on our platform. We provide information about the projects (Facilities) themselves, involved organisations (Organisations), and people (People). Furthermore, we aggregate data (Markets) on market activity, current and future product/service demand, cash flow, as well as framework conditions. Ever wondered what the market size for HVAC solutions in your target country is? Or how much steel Egypt will need in 3 years from now? Or maybe you’re more interested in its power demand? Based on our AI we provide answers to all these questions, and much more.

For whom we do it

Our Subscribers are global suppliers of products and services for these projects. Their portfolios range from steel, and control systems, to high-tech machinery, financing, and logistics solutions. As such a supplier, we equip you with the meaningful leads, opportunities, and direction you need to grow your business in the region.

For already involved stakeholders of these projects, our platform provides an opportunity to showcase achievements and references, as well as to present themselves to the world’s best suppliers.

How we do it

We have a solid team of on-the-ground researchers sourcing and validating data. We gather insights from trusted secondary sources, as well as from direct interaction with market and project stakeholders.

We develop our clever algorithms, or AI as it’s more commonly known, to analyze market growth rates and identify areas of opportunity for businesses to thrive.

Got a call from us?

If you are involved in projects in Africa or the Middle East, and are approached by one of our team members: do not hesitate to verify their background by contacting us.

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Our purpose

We empower people and societies through the power of knowledge

Our mission

To provide unique insights on emerging markets that leverage big data to support the development of businesses and people

What we believe in


We listen to our customer, our colleagues and partners, to provide long-term and individual solutions.

Building trust

We validate our data to help you make informed decisions to support the growth of your business and its people.


We are proud to work alongside a team of true professionals that share our values & believe in our purpose to empower people and societies


We create opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, by continuingly developing our solution, entrusting our people and contributing to our societies

Meet the team

Meet the dedicated and committed individuals that
make up the ABiQ Team

Erik Deitersen
Managing Director

Erik has spent the past 10 years facilitating business between Africa and the rest of the world.

His journey started with studies in business administration in Germany and Ghana…

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Maxene Adams
Head of Organisation Research and Case Management

Maxene enjoys seeing things coming together; accuracy, ethics, and integrity are key to the foundation and reliability of research….

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Conceicao Kini
Head of Sales & Marketing

Bringing eight years of demonstrated expertise, Conceicao possesses a rich background in fostering and enriching client relationships…

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Adel Sayed
Head of Technical Development

Adel has spent his entire life solving problems and finding solutions, making him the perfect head of development…

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