Benin Water Programme for Rural Communities

6 Jul 2022

The Benin Rural Water Supply Universal Access Programme is set to continue, after receiving $250 million in funding from the International Development Association. 

Benin Rural Water Supply Universal Access Programme

The Benin Rural Water Supply Universal Access Programme aims to increase access to water supply services and to strengthen service delivery arrangements in selected rural areas. The programme supports investments in piped rural water supply systems to rapidly expand access to support the Government of Benin (GoB) achieve its ambitious targets for the sector. The programme also strengthens service delivery arrangements through comprehensive reforms of the rural water supply sector.

International Development Association

As outlined in an International Development Association press release dated 30 June 2022, the Benin Rural Water Supply Universal Access Programme has received a further $250 million in funding. The International Development Association has provided this funding to enable the construction of more water infrastructure. 

 This additional financing provides significant support for the 2021-2026 Government Action Plan and strengthens the national rural water supply program. It will assist with the government’s efforts to make drinking water available to the entire country in the near future,” stated Romuald Wadagni, Minister of Economy and Finance and Minister of State.

Quality water infrastructure

According to the statement, this funding will allow the country to build more quality infrastructure, including 80 new multi-village water supply systems. This funding has also been ring fenced to enable more household water connections. These households will be connected to a water supply through the Universal Rural Water Access Programme (URWAP), known as AQUA-VIE.

 Through the AQUA-VIE program, Benin has made significant strides in terms of providing rural communities with access to drinking water. This additional financing scales up the work being done to achieve the goal of universal access to drinking water. It also supports reform of the rural water supply sector, which is aimed at ensuring that communities have sustainable and lower-cost access to drinking water,” said Atou Seck, World Bank Country Manager for Benin. 

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