Burkina Faso considers investing nearly $400 million into upgrading roads

7 Jan 2022

Burkina Faso considers investing nearly $400 million into upgrading five primary roads

THE Burkina Faso Ministry of Infrastructure plans on investing $383 million to boost its national road network in a move that can effectively pit the West African country for economic growth.

First in the pipeline is the Bobo Dioulasso Ivory Coast Border Motorway, a $120 million project stretching over 200km in the country and forming part of the Yamoussoukro-Ouagadougou Motorway project. The highway comprises of two separate carriageways with a combined 700m width.

The Saudi Fund for Development, the $80 million Ouahigouya Djibo National Road No. 23 initiative, aims to construct a 115km national road to asphalt standard on behalf of the ministry. In comparison, the Tougan Ouahigouya National Road No. 10 project will upgrade a 94km road to asphalt standard at an estimated cost of $78 million. Financiers for this project include the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, OPEC Fund for International Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa and The Saudi Fund for Development.

The final projects are the Kolinka-Fara-Poura regional road No. 11 ($55 million) and Ougarou Partiaga Road ($50 million). The first, also known as the RR11, measures 92km and will include a 2.5km access ramp to the Fara Medical Centre and 100km of rural tracks. The West African Development Bank Burkina Faso will finance this project.

The $50 million Ougarou Partiaga Road RR28 development will construct an 86.2km road passing through Boungou and Nadiabondi. Semafo Inc., Owned by UK-based Endeavour Mining Corporation, the gold mining company currently operates four mines in Burkina Faso, namely Houndé, Mana, Karma, and Boungou mines is the developer.

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