Business Intelligence: Top 3 Best Practice Guidelines

27 May 2022

ABiQ considers 3 best practice guidelines for business intelligence.

What is business intelligence? Business intelligence is defined as a set of processes that gather, store and convert data into meaningful information that organisations can use to make data-driven decisions. Business intelligence is used to make strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. Business intelligence helps companies do this by using accurate data, rather than just an assumption or an opinion.

The top 3 best practice guidelines for business intelligence

Obtain organisation-wide buy-in

Ensuring you have organisation-wide buy-in is important for the implementation of successful business intelligence. It’s in each and every department’s interest to be on board with the process. From the beginning, it is important to get key people within the company involved in the process of adopting and using excellent business intelligence tools.

Have a plan in place

It’s important to have a plan in place from the very beginning, before you decide to utilise business intelligence tools. There’s no point in approaching analysis without a strategy, as this can cost you both time and money. Consult with relevant key personnel and set clear goals and objectives, this will help guide successful business intelligence adoption.

Start small

With business intelligence it’s important to start small and execute your strategy in stages. This way, you can start small and build up as you go. Starting off with the tasks that are smaller and less time consuming to implement and then moving onto larger more complex tasks is a great way to start.

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