Cameroon dedicates funds to building infrastructure

3 Oct 2021

Cameroon dedicates funds to building infrastructure

Cameroon is a mid-tier country ranked by ABiQ in the 39th position based on its overall risk profile. Cameroon has more than $17 billion worth of active projects.

LOCATED on the Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon is a mid-tier country ranked in the mid-20s in Africa for both gross domestic product (GDP) growth and GDP per capita. ABiQ ranked Cameroon in the 39th position in the Middle East Africa region based on total market risk.

Currently, projects worth $15.4 billion are under study, including ones by the Ministry of Transport ($6.5 billion) and the African Development Bank ($6.3 billion). The government ($6.3 billion), Ministry of Energy and Water Resources ($6.6 billion) and Eneo Cameroon ($5.5 billion) are the major contributors to projects worth $19.5 billion in planning.

The Ministry of Transport and Camrail each have projects valued at $236 million in design. In comparison, the Ministry of Transport and African Development Bank Cameroon have another $136 million each currently being tendered. 

Major ongoing initiatives include the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company’s project ($1.4 billion) under construction by BESIX Cameroon on the Sanaga River. The Ministry of Transport will invest $7.7 billion into road and rail infrastructure. These include 

  • the Belabo Ngaoundere railway rehabilitation ($236 million) project; 
  • the Mbalam Kribi port railway ($800 million); 
  • Cameroon Chad railway ($5.7 billion); 
  • Douala Yaoundé railway rehabilitation ($200 million); 
  • Lumbe deep-sea port ($602 million); and 
  • the Ntem River bridge ($136 million).

Construction continues on the Dibamba River bridge ($108 million) and Ebolowa Kribi road ($228 million). The African Development Bank is financing the Cameroon Chad railway, Lumbe Deep Sea Port, Ntui Mankin Road, Cameroon River road, Ntem River bridge and the Yaoundé Babadjou road rehabilitation projects.

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