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Comparative Risk rating and ranking of 52 African countries providing a clear and transparent means to asses risk

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17 of Africa’s 52 markets do not have a longterm credit risk rating!

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The ABiQ's Overall Country Risk rating is a composite rating which is a measure to what extent economic, political, financial, health, security and other factors can affect investing and doing business in a country. The rating ranges from 1-10 with 1 being the best rating possible and 10 the worst. The ranking is based on the current position compared to all African countries.

For many years Africa has been classified as a high-risk environment.  Political instability, civil war, corruption and financial risk has plagued the continent and alienated investors.

With the dawn of the digital age and mobile connectivity Africa is considered the last frontier. At ABiQ we have built a new Overall Country Risk rating that encapsulates the various areas of risk and ranks markets accordingly

The Overall Country Risk rating is updated quarterly to reflect changing conditions in each of the markets covered.

Our aim is to provide a regular overview of African countries and provide a transparent method to evaluate and rank them.  We consider this an opportunity to provide insight into Africa for prospective investors. It also serves as a platform for African countries to benchmark their policies and performance with regards to stability and all that promotes it.


The Middle East-Africa (MEA) market has been struggling with regional tensions in recent years.  The investment climate is troubling, as there are difficulties in attracting foreign direct investment. Lately, the region has seen a shift as more investors and countries focus on boosting regional economic growth.  

The MEA market now presents investors with attractive opportunities for profit gain and returns in a broad range of sectors. From emerging industries such as finance, services and health technology to more traditional sectors including energy and construction.   

ABiQ saw the potential MEA countries present and has updated our country risk rating to broaden our country scope and provide regular overviews and insights for prospective investors.    

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought on a new set of challenges for the MEA economies. The region scores an average of 6.01 or slightly above the global average of 5, making it one of the strongest scoring regions above Latin America. 

The UAE (5.06), South Africa (5.87) and Morocco (6.02) stand out as the highest-scoring markets with scores closer to the best rating possible of 1.  

The region performs the strongest for country rewards, as most markets have above-average economic and population growth rates for the post-Covid-19 period. Improving relative political risk, strong economic fundamentals and the rapid adoption of technology account for a country’s higher rank. 


In general, most of the countries overall risk score increased slightly over the last nine to twelve months.  The overall ranking has not changed significantly, although the top ten positions have witnessed some movement. Nigeria has improved by four positions to thirty-fourth on the list and Angola dropped by eight positions to thirty-five on ABiQ’s Country Risk Ranking.

Southern African countries no longer dominate the top ten positions with three now from Eastern Africa and three from Western Africa in the top ten. Morocco is the only North African country in the top ten. It dropped from the third position to the seventh. The two lowest risk countries are still the Southern African nations Botswana and South Africa.

Libya, South Sudan and Somalia remain the three riskiest countries on the continent.  South Sudan has slightly improved to outperform Libya.

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