Country spotlight: Top 3 Morocco construction projects

1 Jul 2024

Opportunities in Morocco

Morocco economic prospects

The construction industry in Morocco has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by urbanization, government infrastructure projects, and foreign investments. Construction projects in Morocco play a crucial role in the nation’s economic development, providing substantial employment opportunities and fostering advancements in housing, transportation, and commercial facilities.

Morocco construction projects – overview

Morocco is home to almost 90 ongoing and upcoming large construction projects, of which around 60% are under construction and 40% are in various stages of planning. Energy/power projects represent the largest share of projects, with about 55% of the total value. Transport infrastructure follows with 32%.

Leading Morocco construction projects

The Morocco Railway Program – Transport infrastructure

The Morocco Railway Program is a $42 billion masterplan project, which is currently in the feasibility study phase. It is the largest transport infrastructure project in Morocco. The two largest single, sub-projects are the Marrakech-Agadir TGV line and the Kenitra Marrakesh Railway project. In addition, the Morocco Railway program aims to boost resilience and improve the performance of the existing network. It furthermore aims to connect more cities in Morocco to the rail network, and connect more ports to the rail network.

White Dunes project – Energy / hydrogen

White Dunes is the largest Morocco construction project currently in the power sector.  In a Joint Venture between Falcon Capital and HDF Energy, the $30 billion project aims to produce green hydrogen in the Dakhla region. At completion, the project will have an electrolysis capacity of 8 GW. Construction is scheduled to start in Q2/3 of 2026.

Morocco Priority Program for Water Supply project – Water sector

The Morocco Priority Program for Water Supply is another master plan project and the largest construction project in the water sector in Morocco. The project, developed by the Morocco Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, aims to build 20 dams and water reservoirs across Morocco to increase water holding capacity from 18 billion to 27 billion cubic meters. In the first phase, 5 dams with a total 525 million cubic meters storage capacity will be established.


Conclusion: Opportunities in Morocco construction projects

Morocco holds vast opportunities with large projects in various sectors and stages of development. Global suppliers and stakeholders can benefit from Morocco’s strong economic prospects and proximity to large markets in Europe.

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