Education Infrastructure in Morocco

Aug 9, 2020 | Country, Morocco

With the population growth in Morocco, there will be an increase in both primary and secondary school going children.

Morocco is located in North Africa and has a population of almost 37 million. We expect it to grow by 9% and reach 40 million by 2030. This population growth will result in an increase in school-going children. According to ABiQ’s forecast, there will be an additional 5.73 million school-going-children in 2030 than today. This is an increase of 15.1% over the next 10 years.

Investment required for infrastructure

More students will require more classrooms. As per UNICEF, there can be only 40 children in a class, which means Morocco will require 18,800 new classes to accommodate the students.

With construction costs varying across the North African region, we used an average of $37,500 per classroom as the cost of construction. Keeping that in mind, the country will require an investment of $705 million to build these classrooms.

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Primary school enrolment (%)

Algeria 97.6
Egypt, Arab Rep. 97.0
Libya N/A
Morocco 99.0
Tunisia 97.8
Sudan 60.0

Source: World Bank

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