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Seychelles again eyes its tourism industry growth

Seychelles again eyes its tourism industry growth Of the East Coast of Africa, an island nation of less than one hundred thousand dependent on tourism, COVID-19 has ravaged its primary industry. The tourism industry is slowly emerging from lockdowns with more than...

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Lesotho draws energy from nature

Lesotho draws energy from nature Lesotho has a population of just over 2 million people. A landlocked country with only South Africa as a neighbour. Due to its proximity, water and power accounting for the bulk of its exports.  PHASE TWO construction of the Lesotho...

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Infrastructure development key to Morocco’s economic growth

Infrastructure development key to Morocco’s economic growth Morocco is investing billions in new infrastructure and key sectors to boost economic recovery and growth. A third of this investment will go towards its energy sector followed by the water sector with...

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Focus on Ghana: Key Development Areas

The Government of Ghana has listed five key development areas in "The Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies". These development areas centres around socio-economic development, good governance, sustainable development and strengthening the country's role in international affairs.

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European countries investing in Africa

Africa shows tremendous potential, having the youngest and the fastest-growing middle class in the world. The continent is teeming with the potential for large-scale investments.

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Top 5 ongoing mega projects in Africa

Africa is witnessing a growth in large-scale projects that will affect its economic growth in the future. Needless to say that the sustainable energy industry is thriving, and most of the top ongoing mega projects are those that deal with the production of cleaner energy.

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Investing in Renewable Energy in East Africa

A significant area of rural East Africa is yet to receive a reliable supply of electricity. This shortage has created a tremendous need to create an industry around renewable energy in East Africa.

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Energy & Power projects in UAE

PPP Opportunities in Africa

Africa has more than $791 billion of active projects utilizing Public-Private-Partnerships. Forty-six per cent or $369 billion is currently under construction.

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PPP Projects in Africa

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