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Egypt builds its energy system

EGYPT has more than $100 billion in power provision projects under study or in the planning stage, gearing the North African country to meet its energy requirements in the decades ahead.

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Oil and Gas Projects in Africa

Africa is all set to become a global energy powerhouse with a plethora of untapped resources. Here are some of the major ongoing and upcoming oil and gas projects in Africa.

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oil and gas projects in Nigeria

Zimbabwe eyes its own gas field

With a population of 2.4 million, Zimbabwe finds itself in a dire economic situation. Hyper Inflation is hindering the much-needed investment required to rebuild the country's dilapidated infrastructure.

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Zambia investing in rail infrastructure

Zambia has a population of 19 million. With the election of a new president this year, investors are watching how the new government is managing its debt which will influence investor appetite.

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Lesotho draws energy from nature

Lesotho has a population of just over 2 million people. A landlocked country with only South Africa as a neighbour. Due to its proximity, water and power accounting for the bulk of its exports.

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