Press release: africon and ABiQ forge strategic partnership to revolutionize data-driven consulting in Africa

28 Feb 2024

Press release: africon and ABiQ forge strategic partnership to revolutionize data-driven consulting in Africa

Bremen, Germany 23/02/2024

africon (the top management consultancy with an exclusive focus on Africa) proudly announces a strategic partnership with ABiQ (the leading business intelligence platform that tracks projects worth over $7 Trillion in Africa & Middle East). The liaison marks a significant collaboration to enhance data-driven decision-making and consulting in Africa for global businesses operating or seeking to expand their footprint on the continent.

As part of the alliance, ABiQ will become a sister company of africon under the new management of Mr. Erik Deitersen, who also holds the title of Director with africon GmbH. While both companies will maintain their distinct identities, the partnership will enable them to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities to deliver greater value to clients.

Erik Deitersen, Director – ABiQ

With expertise in analyzing and assessing African markets, africon delivers tailored market entry strategies and facilitates introductions to potential partners, projects, and investors. To date, africon has helped over 120 companies to create and implement their Africa strategies.

ABiQ identifies, profiles, and tracks large construction and investment projects across Africa and the Middle East. The aggregated information is provided to potential suppliers of these projects via an online platform. ABIQ thereby provides its subscribers access to and information about the most promising business opportunities in the region.

The cooperation enables clients to access comprehensive market analysis covering a wide range of sectors, regions, and industries in Africa. Businesses can leverage the combined expertise of africon and ABiQ to identify untapped growth opportunities and emerging trends within the markets, helping them stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on new business prospects.

Marc Zander, Founder & CEO – africon

“The partnership with ABiQ represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled value to our clients,” said Marc Zander, Founder & CEO – africon. “By combining africon’s expertise around consulting in Africa with ABiQ’s unique tools, we aim to empower companies to make informed decisions and unlock new opportunities in African markets.”

Recognizing the need for greater collaboration and knowledge exchange, africon and ABiQ join forces to empower companies to navigate African markets with confidence.

“We believe that the partnership with africon will enable us to expand our reach and deliver even greater value to our clients,” remarked Erik Deitersen, Director – ABiQ. “Together, we will work to bridge knowledge gaps, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth and innovation across the continent.”

africon and ABiQ remain committed to their shared mission of empowering companies to unlock their full potential in African markets. They aim to drive positive change and create a lasting positive impact across the region.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jean Wandimi

Head of Marketing, africon GmbH

About africon

africon is a management consultancy with a sole focus on Africa. We consult the management of companies in developing their individual Africa strategies. We create value by analyzing and assessing African markets, delivering market entry strategies and introducing you to potential partners, projects and investors. Moreover, we implement projects on the ground and handle business development in selected countries until your firm decides to manage the African markets independently. We are focused largely on B2B customers from some industries, including (but not limited to) the following: Mechanical engineering, automotive & mobility, chemicals, consumer goods & FMCG, building materials, industrial goods, medical & pharma and IT & financial services. africon’s exclusive focus on Africa will give you access to in-depth, current, and actionable strategies as if you were on the ground.

About ABiQ

ABiQ identifies, profiles, and tracks large projects in the “built environment” across Africa and the Middle East. Whether it is a hospital under construction in Kenya, a new mine being planned in Ivory Coast, a new oil platform in Nigeria, or a new rail line in Egypt, they have it on the platform. ABiQ provides information about the projects (Facilities), involved organisations (Organisations), and people (People). Furthermore, they aggregate data (Markets) on market activity, current and future product/service demand, cash flow, and framework conditions.

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