Saudi Airport Projects biggest in the Middle East

20 Jan 2023

Strategically located, the Middle East connects manufacturing nations with consumer nations. Billions move between these nations through transport hubs in the Middle East.

Tourism gained status under Middle Eastern governments in recent years. Governments realised the importance of tourism in helping countries diversify their economies away from hydrocarbons.

Airports play a unique role in moving high-priority goods and people. The Dubai International Airport is the busiest international airport in the world. With a capacity to handle more than 80 million passengers annually, and a world-leading airline, Emirates, that feeds into a booming tourism industry, the city has been a role model for the region. The recent football Worldcup in Qatar is another example of how tourism can drastically transform a country’s global perspective.

Saudi Arabia leads the Middle East Airport construction sector with $7.5 billion in active projects. Kuwait follows with $4.5 billion in active airport projects. Iraq and the UAE follow in third and fourth place, respectively.

Construction work on Saudi’s Airport projects will employ more than 128,000 personnel when activity peaks in 2032.

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