Infrastructure Investments in Ethiopia

6 Jun 2022

The African Development Bank is catching up with the World Bank Group in infrastructure financing in Ethiopia, according to data from ABiQ. 

Infrastructure investments

When it comes to financing ongoing infrastructure investments in Ethiopia, ABiQ intelligence data shows that the African Development Bank (AfDB) comes in third with a 4.64 percent share, slightly higher than the World Bank (4.11 percent) in fourth place. 

If, however, the share funded by the World Bank’s Ethiopian office (1.52%) is added, the World Bank’s total rises to 5.63% and the AfDB’s to 5.41% (also adding the share funded by its local office). Second place goes to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, also known as the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, with a 10.35 percent share.

Ethiopian government investment

As expected, the Ethiopian government is in first place with a 66 percent share. Public investment in infrastructure is the main driver of growth in Ethiopia. It is therefore not surprising that the government is financing two-thirds of the ongoing infrastructure investments. What is surprising is that China does not appear in the top 10. This suggests that China invests through the Ethiopian government, by providing loans to the state.

Ethiopian financiers

A complete list of the top 10 financiers of ongoing infrastructure investments in Ethiopia, with their percentage shares, is presented below.

  • Government of Ethiopia: 66%
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation: 10.35%
  • African Development Bank Group: 4.64%
  • World Bank Group: 4.11%
  • United States Trade and Development Agency: 3.45%
  • Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry: 2.57%
  • Danske Bank: 1.81%
  • Bank of Abyssinia: 1.79%
  • The World Bank Group Ethiopia: 1.52%
  • African Development Bank Group Ethiopia: 0.77%

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