International Finance Corporation celebrates 60 years of partnerships in Tunisia

5 Sep 2022

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) celebrates  a successful 60 year partnership with Tunisia during August 2022. The IFC has investments worth $1 million in key sectors of the economy.

According to a IFC September press release, the IFC has mobilised more than $1 billion in investments (estimated at $140 million over the past 5 years and $30 million during the Covid-19 pandemic) for key sectors of the economy, including: renewable energy, agriculture, manufacturing and financial services.

Tunisia investment

“Throughout our six decades of supporting Tunisia, we have gone further than simply financing the private sector, having also worked tirelessly to become a strong and trusted partner and to make the private sector a powerful engine of the country’s economic and social development,” said Sérgio Pimenta, IFC Vice President for Africa.

For the future, the objective is to place the private sector at the centre of the economy to make it the main engine of growth in Tunisia:

“This occasion is a cause for celebration as well as an opportunity to pause and reflect on our partnership that began in 1962, a few years after Tunisia’s independence. It is also an opportune moment to look to the future and examine the projects we still have to carry out together to make the private sector the main engine of growth,” said Samir Saied, Minister of Economy and Planning of Tunisia.

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