Ongoing infrastructure projects in Egypt: Some insights from the ABiQ platform

3 Jun 2022

ABiQ considers current infrastructure projects in Egypt, and their progress. 

Egypt has more than $310 billion worth of “ongoing“ projects. Almost a third of the ongoing projects in Egypt are, at the least, halfway completed or more, according to ABiQ data. 

The top five organizations by value of “ongoing“ projects are:

  • Dar AI Handasah Egypt
  • Administrative Capital for Urban Development
  • The Arab Contractors
  • Nuclear Power Plant Authority
  • Talaat Moustafa Group Holding

Egyptian construction sector

In terms of industry, the construction sector dominates ongoing projects. The Egyptian construction sector dominates, with its market share totalling 65 percent, or about two-thirds. Transportation takes up just 13 percent of the ongoing project landscape, while energy projects take up approximately 12 percent. Chemicals are ranked to cover 5 percent of the market activity, with oil and gas projects coming in at 4 percent of the total market activity.

Financing projects in Egypt

In terms of financing of ongoing projects in Egypt, the top five financiers and their corresponding shares in percentage are:

  • National Bank of Egypt (15.56)
  • Bank Misr (13.80)
  • US Exim Bank (9.38)
  • US International Development Finance Corporation (9.38)
  • Export-Import Bank of Korea (6.38).

Notably, the African Development Bank Group comes in 8th place with a 2.82 percent share. If, however, financial backers are ranked by number of facilities, the African Development Bank climbs to 3rd place, behind Bank Misr and the National Bank of Egypt. The Export-Import Bank of China is in 7th place with a 3.48 percent share.

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