Understanding Projects and Facilities

Thousands of validated African projects and facilities to start supplying products and services to. Get access to facility information such as its description, capacities, owners, operators, main suppliers and detailed contact information.

Understanding Organisations

Thousands of validated African companies to start doing business with. Get access to company’s shareholders, subsidiaries and detailed contact information.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

About Projects and Facilities

There are thousands of validated companies and thousands of projects and facilities on ABiQ’s platform. We have gathered an extensive database of projects and facilities, existing and upcoming across a range of sectors. Use this data to identify potential opportunities, customers, partners and connections to help grow your business.


Find out everything there is to know about individual companies and their roles

Scope of services

Discover what the facility is about and what the scope of  service require


Want to know where the facility is located? We’ve got you covered

Extended network

Explore how facilities, organisations and people are connected 

How we can help you


  • Background to the facility
  • Location including GPS
  • Contact details
  • Ownership
  • Status and stage

Scope & Roles 

  • Owners and developers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Products and capacities
  • Network overview

Capacities & Schedules 

  • Capacities
  • Network
  • Project Schedule


  • News
  • Updates
  • Project cash flow

A structured list of facilities categorised by sector, stage of operation and who are involved

Timely updates and you can deploy our research team to support your business development activities

Access to hard-to-find verified contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses

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