Saudi Arabia Project Outlook

Saudi Arabia’s population will grow by 12% to 40 million by 2031 from the current 36 million. This growth in population will increase demand for basic infrastructure. A significant investment in infrastructure is underway, driven by its vision to diversify away from its oil dependence. As a result, there are projects in Saudi Arabia worth over US$1.6 trillion. As per ABiQ, there are multiple projects in the construction, water, energy, and oil & gas sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

Construction is the largest sector with active projects worth roughly over $1.2 trillion. The construction market in Saudi Arabia looks promising as the government continues to focus on developing new infrastructure to meet the demand of a growing population.

Water Projects in Saudi Arabia

Being an arid country, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in its water infrastructure. There are more than $5.5 billion of water projects currently under construction. Saudi Arabia has adopted Public-Private-Partnerships as a procurement strategy, with 70% of its water processing infrastructure projects procured on this basis.

Energy & Power Projects in Saudi Arabia

As the largest producer and exporter of oil, Saudi Arabia has traditionally relied on fossil fuels to meet its power demand. With a new generation at the helm, the Kingdom has announced an ambitious renewable energy program.  

Saudi Arabia has more than $140 billion of active power projects with its renewable and nuclear program accounting for most of this. A diverse range of wind, solar and waste to energy projects included in the mix. ABiQ estimates that the Saudi power sector will see cash flows on power projects totaling $1.2 billion during 2021 and will increase to almost $4 billion in 2022.

Of the $140 billion, $65 billion of projects are already under construction. The largest developer is the Renewable Energy Project Development Office, with 45% of the market share.

Oil & Gas Projects in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, accounts for 99% of the active oil and gas projects in the kingdom. There are currently more than $200 billion of active oil and gas projects. More than a third of this total is already in the construction phase with two thirds still on the drawing board. Aramco will spend on average $800 million per month over the next 12 months peaking in November 2021 at more than $1,100 million.

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