South Africa released Phase 1 of the National Infrastructure Plan 2050

3 May 2022

The South African government has released Phase 1 of the National Infrastructure Plan 2050 (NIP 2050)

South Africa’s ministry of Public Works released phase 1 of the National Infrastructure plan 2050. Deteriorating infrastructure, widespread damage from devastating floods and poverty are some of the issues being addressed.

On 11 March 2022, Ms Patricia de Lille, South Africa’s Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, released the 77-page document, which represents Phase 1 of the National Infrastructure Plan 2050 for implementation; in accordance with Section 4 (a) of the Infrastructure Development Act (Act 23 of 2014) (see NIP 2050 document).

“Infrastructure development is critical to attaining South Africa’s long-term economic and social goals. In a developing country seeking significant structural change, the public sector must lead this effort. Infrastructure delivery will be one of the most significant contributors to South Africa’s transition from a historically closed minerals economy to one that is globally and regionally integrated, low carbon, inclusive and promoting of dynamism in the industries of the future.” Infrastructure South Africa (ISA).

ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION, the NIP 2050 aims to achieve an investment/GDP ratio of 30 per cent, of which a third will be provided for by the state, which relies on the private sector to make up the remaining two-thirds. The Commission has estimated the cost of infrastructure development in South Africa, to meet the objectives of the National Development Plan, between 2016 and 2040 at R6 trillion, or about $385 billion (with energy and transport accounting for 72 per cent of the total).

The main objective or goal of the National Development Plan 2030 is to eliminate poverty (Sustainable Development Goal – SDG 1) and inequality (SDG10) in South Africa by 2030 (NDP 2030).

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