Upcoming Infrastructure Investments in Morocco: 2022

6 Jun 2022

Morocco, situated in North Africa, is abuzz as can be seen by the upcoming infrastructure investments. ABiQ analyzed business intelligence data and uncovered that energy and power projects dominate upcoming infrastructure investments across the country in 2022. 

Energy dominates upcoming infrastructure investments in Morocco

Upcoming infrastructure investments in Morocco amount to $55,667 million according to the ABiQ business intelligence platform. 56% of these are related to the energy industry, indicating a willingness by the government and private sector to invest heavily in renewable energy. 

Transportation infrastructure investments in Morocco

Energy and power infrastructure investments are closely followed by the transportation industry with 21.38% and oil and gas with 19%. Transportation, however, dominates the ongoing infrastructure investment in Morocco with a share of 68%. 

Energy infrastructure investments in Morocco

Energy is only fourth with a 6 percent share of ongoing infrastructure investment. Notably, the water and construction industries are second and third with 14.5 percent and 7.5 percent respectively. Ongoing infrastructure investment is $67,182 million, which is $11515 million more than the value of upcoming investment, potentially suggesting a slowdown in economic activity.

Infrastructure investment in Morocco
The largest financier of ongoing and upcoming infrastructure investment, with a 70 percent share, is the African Development Bank Morocco.

The top five financiers (in USD value) are listed below with their corresponding shares in brackets.

  • African Development Bank Morocco: 70%
  • European Investment Bank: 6.67%
  • European Union: 4.21%
  • French Development Agency: 4.21%
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: 2.66%

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