Why market research matters: Our approach

27 Jun 2022

ABiQ provides validated data and trusted business intelligence covering Africa and the Middle East. Our market research enables you to make the right business decisions and to stay ahead of your competitors.

Market research matters

At ABiQ, we believe that market research is critical for making sound business decisions. In this article, we outline the importance of market research. Market research reduces business risk and provides valuable business insights. Doing business without market research is like trying to drive a car with no petrol.

Data-driven decisions 

In today’s rapidly shifting business landscape, businesses need the ability to make data-driven decisions. Market research enables businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

The right information

Market research enables you to have the right information, at the right time, so that you can make the right decisions to stay ahead of your competitors.

Through market research, you can:

  • Make better business decisions.
  • Remain relevant and future focused.
  • Gain insights on potential customers.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Gauge the pulse of the market.

ABiQ’s approach to market research

At ABiQ, we provide validated data and trusted business intelligence covering Africa and the Middle East. We use our unique forecasting and project tracking tool to track projects worth over $5.8 Trillion in 68 countries across the Middle East ands Africa so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business.

We use digitalisation and artificial intelligence to provide unique forecasting and data analysis, to help you grow your business. We develop our own algorithms to analyse and forecast countries growth rates and identify areas of opportunity for businesses to thrive. 

Our research team meticulously validates and cleans-up our data through a variety of ways including site visits, calls and other third-party services such as the chamber of commerce and credit bureau. This ensures the data we provide is trusted and reputable.

ABiQ business intelligence

With thousands of companies validated and more than one million listed on ABiQ’s platform, we have gathered an extensive network of companies across a range of sectors and sizes. Use ABiQ data to target potential customers, partners and connections to help grow your business.

We give you access to essential market data and analysis for each country:

  • View the overall market risk profile of each country. ABiQ researches and produces frequent reports on key markets and sectors. Gain insight into more than $5 Trillion of active project opportunities across the Middle East and Africa.
  • ABiQ provides a breakdown of companies by sector and ownership.
  • Through our platform, you gain access to a structured list of facilities categorised by sector, stage of operation and who are involved.
  • You can view and compare currency data for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and 54 countries across Africa.
  • Gain access to macro data for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and 54 countries across Africa.
  • We offer forecasts to 2100 for: Population growth, electricity, water, education, healthcare and infrastructure.
  • Receive weekly updated news and insights from external as well as internal sources.

And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us the details and we’ll do the work for you. 

ABiQ helps you make the right investment choice. Contact us today to book a free demo now or register to get free access to a light version of our platform. 

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