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Sudan has more than $1.4 billion of active power projects

Sudan will need 5 Gigawatt of power generating capacity over the next decade to achieve a 100 per cent access to power rate. Active power projects in Sudan amount to more than $1.4 billion.

Morocco has close to $25 billion of active energy projects

With close to $25 billion of active power projects, Morocco has long been a renewable energy leader in Africa. One of the few countries where 100 per cent of the population has access to stable power.

North Africa has more than $144 Billion Active Energy Projects

North Africa has more than $145 billion of active energy projects with Egypt, accounting for 46 per cent of the share followed by Algeria with 36 per cent.

The Role of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) as a Procurement Strategy in Africa

COVID-19 has decimated fiscal reserves across the world, but more so in Africa. Even before the pandemic, African governments were struggling to attract investment in critical infrastructure. Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) is one of the best procurement strategies available in the current financial climate.

Lesotho needs more than 100,000 homes over the next decade

Lesotho will need to invest more than $1 billion over the next ten years to deliver more than 100,000 homes to meet demand driven by population growth and urbanisation.

Botswana needs $1 billion for affordable housing

Botswana must invest $1 billion over the next ten years to meet the demand for affordable houses. A fast-growing population and rapid urbanisation are the main drivers for affordable homes.

Southern Africa need $84 billion for housing

Southern Africa has an existing deficit of more than 4 million homes. The region will require an estimated $84 billion to invest in affordable homes to accommodate its rapidly growing and urbanising population.

Senegal will spend $1.6 billion on oil and gas projects during 2021

With almost $5 billion of active oil and gas projects in Senegal, the country will spend more than $1.6 billion during 2021. This capital expenditure is 265 per cent more than in 2020.

More than $80 billion of active oil & gas projects in Nigeria

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has more than $80 billion of active oil and gas projects. The largest developer is NNPC and Saipem is the contractor with the largest market share.

More than $100 billion of active oil & gas projects in West Africa

West Africa has more than $100 billion of active oil and gas projects. More than 72 per cent of the projects are in the execution phase. Nigeria has the most active oil and gas projects, followed by Niger.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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Using digitalisation and artificial intelligence to provide unique forecasting and data analysis, to help you grow your business in Africa


We spend time researching by using a wide range of different sources and platforms to gather our data. This enables us to establish an initial connection and understanding of who they are, what they do and who they are connected too.


Our research team meticulously validates and cleans-up our data through a variety of ways including site visits, calls and other third-party services such as the chamber of commerce and credit bureau. This ensures the data we provide is trusted and reputable.

Unique AI
and analysis

We use our decades of experience to build self-developed and unique forecasting models using artificial intelligence. This translates big data into clear business insights, enabling you to make decisions on your business growth through the power of digitalisation.


We continually review and edit our data to ensure it’s up to date and relevant. Our research team and artificial intelligence complements one another to provide contextual and accurate information, leaving you to focus on growing your business by using the opportunities our data brings.

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Did You Know?

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