Botswana leading Southern Africa in Hospital Investments with $108 million

4 Mar 2021

Botswana leading Southern Africa in Hospital Investments with $108 million

Botswana is building two new hospitals estimated to cost $!08 million in the country’s southern parts. Construction work will complete in 2022.

Botswana’s 2.4 million population will increase by 17 per cent over the next ten years to 2.8 in 2031. ABiQ rates Botswana is one of the top countries to invest in, in Africa. ABiQ publishes an overall risk rating for all African countries comprising several metrics, including the Health and Health Security risk ratings.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Botswana shut its borders on a couple of occasions but weathered the storm reasonably well. At the end of February, according to COVID tracking site worldometer, Botswana registered 30,727 cases with 332 deaths. Much better than its closest neighbour, South Africa.

The country is investing in two new hospitals totalling more than $108 million. Both the Moshupa Hospital and Gumare Primary Hospital will have 70 beds and accommodation for 65 staff. CPP Botswana is constructing the Gumare Primary Hospital, while a joint venture between Zhentail and Whitacon builds the Moshupa Hospital. 

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