Islamic Banking in Africa

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Webinar Detail

In recent years, Islamic banking has become a key segment of global finance and has shown remarkable resilience especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Islamic Banking in Africa has made little headway despite the continent’s large Muslim populations, mainly due to the limited public awareness and low domestic savings. 

This is about to change as per multiple reports. African Governments are taking interest as they realise the huge potential for growth in Islamic banking. Keeping that in mind, as part of its project finance series, ABiQ hosted a webinar on Islamic Banking in Africa.

Mufti Ismail Dessai, CEO and Chairman – Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) spoke about the impact of Islamic Banking as well as the challenges faced by the sector. 

Project Financing

ABiQ Business Intelligence (ABiQ) signed an MoU with Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and Turkey who provides financing and investment for infrastructure projects, government projects, and private equity deals. Under this agreement, ABiQ will leverage its extensive database to assist Global Islamic Financial Services Firm to identify investment and financing opportunities.

ABiQ is tracking over US$4 trillion worth of active project opportunities in Africa and the Middle East, including critical information such as ultimate business owners and decision-makers. Through its analytical capability, ABiQ identifies the top developers, contractors, and consultants in any Middle East and African market and sector, helping to minimise risk during the development period.

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